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Animal names.

CuratoreVenezia, 2003 October 2-4, a cura di A.Minelli, G.Ortalli e G.Sanga. Edizione in italiano-inglese. Text in english.
EditoreIst.Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.
Data di pubbl.
CollanaColl.Varie - Atti Convegni.
Dettagli cm.16x24, pp.574, brossura soprac.fig.a col. Coll.Varie - Atti Convegni. [volume nuovo]
AbstractINDICE DEL VOLUME:Alessandro MINELLI, Classifications, hierarchies, taxonomies, naming; Brent BERLIN, "Just another fish story" Size-symbolic properties of fish names; Franco CREVATIN, Bawlé ways of thinking (Ivory Coast): generalisations and contextuality; Gareth J. DYKE - Julia D. SIGWART, A search for a smoking gun: no need for an alternative to the Linnaean system of classification; Michel LAURIN, The advantages of Phylogenetic Nomenclature over Linnean Nomenclature; John B.TRUMPER, Classification, the noclassification and some reflexions on European rodents and hawks in folk culture; Marta MADDALON, The tame/ wild dichotomy in ethnology and ethno-linguistics; Luciano GIANNELLI, Essential singular in animal name; Colin P. GROVES, Domestic and wild mammals: naming and identity; Tim INGOLD, Naming as storytelling: speaking of animals among the Koyukon of Alaska; Gerard TOFFIN, Cow/buffalo: a significant opposition in the Indian and Himalayan world; John B. TRUMPER, Markedness, symbolic use and genesis of animal terms, from the point of view of the tame/ wild dichotomy; Rita CAPRINI, Meaning, semantics, taboo, onomasiology and etymology; Mario ALINEI, Names of animals, animals as names: synthesis of a research; Michel CONTINI, Zoonyms of phonosymbolical origin: classifying and interpretation matters; Jean-Philippe DALBERA, he reproductive cycle of zoonyms; Glauco SANGA, The wolf and the fox: which is the real name of the animals. With a theory on totemism; Edward TUTTLE, Zoonymic evolution in the face of accepted structural drift; Nicole REVEL, The symbolism of animals. names: analogy, metaphor, totemism; Marlene ALBERT-LLORCA, The use of metaphors and analogies in our understanding of the animal world: the Catalan corpus on birds and fishes; William BRIGHT, Animal names in native northwestern California. Florence BRUNOIS, Man or animal: who copies who. Interspecific empathy and imitation among the Kasua of New Guinea; Diego POLI, Herdsmen and animals. A cultural correspondence in the Indo-European area; Nicole REVEL, Palawan highlanders and Dayaks of Borneo: human beings and birds, their relation; Franca TAMISARI - John, BRADLEY, To have and to give the law. Animal names, place and event; Alberto ZAMBONI, Contact and substitution: introductory remarks; Liliane BODSON, Naming the exotic animals in ancient Greek and Latin; Alessandro MINELLI - Philip K. TUBBS, Reciprocal loan between vernacular and scientific names of animals; Gherardo ORTALLI, Naming animals in the middle ages, between crisis and recovery; Domenico SILVESTRI, Animals names in the Indo-mediterranean cultural space.
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