#183015 Spettacolo Musica Spartiti e Metodi

First Impressions. Mid Intermediate. Volume 2.

CuratoreEdited by M'lou Dietzer.
EditoreAlfred Publishing Co.
Data di pubbl.
CollanaColl. Music and Study Guides, Volume 2, 14731.
Dettagli1 vol. Music Book + 1 vol. Study Guides, cm.23x30,5, pp.24,31, br.cop.fig.a col. Coll. Music and Study Guides, Volume 2, 14731.
AbstractAn exciting and innovative intermediate piano method written to fill the need of students who have completed a beginning piano method and/or are ready to study the classics. Each collection comes with a study guide that emphasize analysis and enable students to understand the elements of music theory in each piece thus facilitating the learning and memorizing process. The music is arranged in order of musical period and is in their original form. Repertoire from Four Musical Periods with Study Guides Based on Theoretical principles for Teacher and Student.
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